Smart Assessor provides the opportunity for Assessors to work offline. This guide demonstrates how to use the offline mobile application to make time log entries, whilst working in areas with no internet connection. 


Download the App from Android Play Store, Apple App Store or the laptop version from the Smart Assessor login page. Enter login credentials. (Note* the application needs to be synced before and after use to ensure the portfolio is up to date) 


Access to the offline mobile application is available for Assessors and learner roles only. 


Access the timelog screen by selecting the clock icon at the bottom of the screen.


This screen shows you the total amount of time spent on the qualification to date. It does not provide a breakdown of on or off the job hours.

A screenshot of a cell phone screen with text

Description automatically generated

To add a new activity, complete the details in the following fields:

Activity Type – choose from drop-down list

Unit (optional) – units linked to the course that you are viewing appear in this drop-down.

Time spent – set hours and minutes on clockface or select the keyboard icon to type and select OK

Date – select the date from the calendar and select OK.

On/ Off the Job – select from drop-down list. Off the Job hours will be calculated and displayed on the web version of the learner’s portfolio when the app is synched.

Select Assessor – assessors linked to the course you are viewing will appear in this drop-down list.

Comments – this is a free text field in which you can add additional details about the timelog activity that you are creating.


Once you have entered all the details select the save icon to save this timelog entry.


The portfolio must be synced when online to update the learner’s portfolio on the web version of Smart Assessor.

To sync the app as an assessor; go to the home screen and select the sync icon.

To sync the app as a learner; select the burger menu in the top left corner of your screen and either select the course you are in and then select synchronise course or select synchronise all courses.