Linking Author/ Assessor accounts

If an author account has been created in SmartVLE and that author has an assessor account with the same email address in Smart Assessor, their accounts will be linked when the assessor assigns an activity or a resource in Smart Assessor that is linked to a SmartVLE activity/ resource. . Assessor, MA, IQA, EQA, BA or CM accounts will also be linked when the user views the results of an assessment in the evidence library and selects “view answers” or “view learning profile”.

If an assessor does not have a SmartVLE author account, when they carry out one of these actions in Smart Assessor, a linked author account will be automatically created for them in SmartVLE. The auto-created account will automatically be allocated to the “Default Author Group” that has been set in SA Settings (defaults to Client Administrator author group).

If an assessor tries to select the SmartVLE tile when viewing the Learner Dashboard in Smart Assessor and their account is not linked, they will see the error message “Smart Assessor User not found”.

This indicates that the Smart Assessor assessor’s account is not merged with SmartVLE and one of the above actions must be taken to activate that merge. This error message does not indicate the status of the merge of the Smart Assessor Learner's account.