A candidate with a participant account may be taken on as a learner by your organisation. When their details are added into Smart Assessor, an SA Learner account is automatically created in Smart VLE for this learner.

In the list of names, you will see 2 entries for the same person, one as a participant and one as a SA Learner.

If you send an assessment to the SA Learner, either from Smart VLE or from Smart Assessor as an activity, the accounts will be merged automatically, if the NI numbers match and are formatted correctly. 

If you attempt to assign an activity in Smart Assessor that is linked to a SmartVLE assessment and there is a match on the email or mobile number but no match on the National Insurance number or the National Insurance number is not populated in SmartVLE, then you will get an error message telling you that the action can’t be completed as there is an existing account with a matching email/ mobile number. This should prompt you to update the National Insurance number field in SmartVLE which will then allow you to assign the activity in Smart Assessor.

Once the accounts are merged, the results of the latest completed initial assessment will be populated in the profile for that learner in Smart Assessor, any assessment results that you have set to appear in the evidence library will pull through and the records will be merged in Smart VLE. 

If you want to merge the records without sending an assessment, you can do so by selecting the merge accounts button.


This will bring up a list of names of Smart Assessor learners with matching participant accounts in Smart VLE based on the National Insurance number, you can either select all or work through the list and select the records that you want to merge.

To help manage this, there is a report called “Participant Report” which you can filter to identify any participant details that need to be updated.

Merging Participant Accounts with SA Learner Accounts

The following developments are only applicable if your SA Settings for Use Participant Accounts is set to Yes.

Additional user guides are available to help you support your learners in carrying out these actions. These can be found in the SmartVLE section in Knowledge Base on your support tab.

Smart Assessor Learner with no SmartVLE Activity

If you use participant accounts and a learner in Smart Assessor who has not had any activities assigned to them that are linked to SmartVLE assessments, the automatic merge of the participant account has not yet been triggered.

If the learner clicks on the SmartVLE tile on their user dashboard, a modal will appear called “Link VLE Account”.


The Smart Assessor learner can then enter their SmartVLE log in credentials and select link account.

If the username and password that they enter are the correct ones for their SmartVLE participant account, this will merge their accounts and SmartVLE will open in a new window, taking them to their participant dashboard in SmartVLE.

Forcing a merge for active SA Learner accounts

If an activity that is linked to a SmartVLE assessment is sent to a Smart Assessor learner, if the participant account in SmartVLE is not populated with the National Insurance number, this will activate the SA Learner account without merging it into the SmartVLE participant account.

This will create duplicate accounts in the SmartVLE User Management page with:

•    An unmerged participant account

•    An active SA Learner account


If that learner clicks on the SmartVLE tile on their learner dashboard in Smart Assessor, the single sign on service will take them to their active SA Learner SmartVLE dashboard. This will not include any assessments that they have previously sat using their participant account.

If a situation like this is identified, this can be resolved by the learner using the following steps:

1.    Log into their own Smart Assessor Account.

2.    Click on the SmartVLE tile (which will take them to the active SA Learner SmartVLE dashboard).

3.    When in SmartVLE, select the profile button in the top right-hand corner.

4.    Select the “Merge Accounts” button.

5.    This will open the SVLE Participant Merge modal.

6.    Enter their SmartVLE participant login credentials into the modal.

7.    Select the “Merge” button.

8.    This will merge the active SA Learner SmartVLE account into the participant account for that user. The learner will automatically be logged into the SmartVLE merged participant account dashboard and the changes will be reflected on the User Management page.

SmartVLE participant profile with Merge Accounts button


SVLE Participant Merge Modal


Successfully merged participant account on the User Management page


Merged Accounts Data

For any user accounts that have been successfully merged with Smart Assessor, the fields for Full Name, Email Address and Mobile number will be read-only in SmartVLE. These details must be edited in the user’s Smart Assessor account. Any changes made in Smart Assessor will be reflected in these read-only fields.