These are the steps you need to take to bring your assessments from your original SmartVLE account into the account that is linked to your Smart Assessor login.

1.    Log into your own Smart Assessor Account.

2.    Click on the SmartVLE tile, this will open a new window and automatically sign you into the SmartVLE account that is linked to your Smart Assessor account.


3.    From the SmartVLE dashboard, select your profile button in the top right-hand corner.

4.    Select the “Merge Accounts” button that appears on your profile modal.


5.    This will open the SVLE Participant Merge modal.


6.    Enter your original SmartVLE participant username and password into the modal. If you cannot remember these details, ask you assessor/ tutor/ administrator for assistance.

7.    Select the “Merge” button.

8.    This will merge your original SmartVLE account with the account that is linked to your Smart Assessor site. You will see an onscreen message telling you that this action is processing. Once complete, you should see all the assessments and/ or resources from both SmartVLE accounts in the same place.

9.    To access this combined SmartVLE account in future, simply click on the SmartVLE tile on your learner dashboard in Smart Assessor, this will automatically sign you into this SmartVLE account.