Smart Assessor provides the opportunity to report on the EILP Feature to monitor the progress of these EILP’s.


· EILP Report




Access Smart Assessor using one of the following logins: MA, BA, Assessor, EM, EO, IQA, CM, XM




MA, BA, Assessor, EM, EO, IQA, CM, XM




  1. Login as one of the above roles and navigate to the Report Tab and select the EILP Report under the Client Reports Subheading

2. You can then amend the settings of the report to meet your requirements based on Role Dependent Filters;

  • Filter By Assessor- Cannot be performed by the assessor role due to only their learners will display
  • Filter By Employer- Cannot be performed by an Employer Role as it will only display the learners for that Employer
  • Show Learners with no EILP
  • Show EILPs With Missing Signatures
  • You can also use the search box to search for any key data you would like to see
  • Use the Filter Button to filter your data via the filters you have provided
  • You can use the Clear button to remove the filters from the data


3. The Export to Excel button will export the data of the EILP into an Excel file. If there are no filters applied to the EILP Report, then all data will be exported. However, if filters are applied to the report, only the data within the report will be exported to the Excel File.