Follow this article if you need to claim host by using the host key. Here are common scenarios where you may need to claim host:

After joining a scheduled meeting in a Zoom Room. In other words, joining by entering the meeting ID or personal meeting link in the Zoom Room controller.

After joining a meeting using the meeting list in a Zoom Room. If multiple Zoom Rooms join a meeting, the first one to join becomes the meeting host. You can claim host by using the host key.



 You need will need to be in a smart room 



You will need the Host Key



1. Using a Zoom Room, start or join a meeting that you're a host for.

      2. Tap the Manage Participants icon on the Zoom Rooms Controller. The participants' list will display.

      3. Tap Claim Host at the bottom of the participants' list. A pop-up will display allowing you to claim the host role.

    4. Enter your 6-digit host key, then tap OK. The Zoom Room is now the host of the meeting