Smart Assessor provides the opportunity for Employers to access their learner’s portfolio to check progress and be involved with their learner journey. This guide will demonstrate how to navigate the employer dashboard 




Your training provider will e-mail your log in and password, Log in from www.smartassessor.co.uk with your username and password. You can change your password at any time following the instructions below.




Employer Overview and Employer manager -only.




An e-portfolio for learners is an electronic collection of competence, to showcase their knowledge skills and behaviours. As an employer you can log in, track progress and see assessor visits. Your dashboard will show how your apprentices are progressing, outstanding actions and when their assessor is next visiting.



1.  Use the search bar or scroll for the learner

2. Log into Smart Assessor, you will be presented with a dashboard that shows a list of all learners, and their overall progress towards their apprenticeship.


Learner progress bars: Blue bar presents course duration, Orange bar shows percentage of course criteria which has evidence mapped against it, Green bar shows course criteria signed off.


Learner status- Red is Off Track, Amber is On Track, Green is Ahead of target        


3. Clicking on the chevron next to the learner photo will display the individual aims, the progress bars and learner status per aim. 

4. Progress per unit is displayed along with access to criteria level progress via the progress map- which is downloadable. 

5. The folder icon will open the learner’s portfolio in another window 

6. There is session information, a link to the next session and the last time the learner has logged in is displayed.

7. Actions are quick links to different parts of the portfolio: