Smart Apprentices provides the opportunity to attach IQA’s to courses and create IQA sampling plans to monitor the quality assurance process, this user guide will demonstrate how to attach an IQA to a course to create a sampling plan.


Login in using relevant login credentials. 

(Note* 1 course per sampling plan, which is accessible to all IQA assigned to the sampling plan. To ensure sampling is activated 1 IQA needs to be added to 1 learner for each course. This task will only need to be carried out once)


Master Admins, Basic Admins, Curriculum Managers, Custom Managers and Assessors can attach the IQA to the learner’s course.


Manual Attachment-

(Note* Attaching an IQA to a learners’ course will auto-create the sample plan, if the sample plan has already been created, the learner will be auto-added into the existing plan)

1.    Click “Learner Tab” on Grey Navigation bar, Search for the learner by entering their first or last names, or search by course via the Course filter or Course drop down. Once done click filter


2.    Click the learners first or last name in order to access their profile page.


3.    Click the course tab listed on the profile sub menu, Click the pencil icon to edit the course information


4.    Select the relevant IQA to allocate them against this learner.  


5.    Once IQA has been allocated select the save icon.

Data Import-

(Note* IQA’s can be added to the data import to auto-create sample plans, if a plan has already been created, any learners that the IQA is attached to on the import will be added to the existing plan and the IQA name will be visible against the learner’s courses in the course tab)

Please refer to the Data Import Guide for further guidance.