This guide will explain the different roles and responsibilities within Smart Assessor and how a user can toggle between them. (Note*When a user is created, even if they have several roles within the system, they will only require one username and password. Their main role view can be made default via “Maintain Users” so this will be the first screen they see when they log on)



Users will need to be created and managed via the “Maintain User” section within Master Admin (see Maintain Users guide for more detail.




Master Administrators can create and maintain users- Only





  1. Once a user logs on they can toggle between their roles:






Master Admin- Set up and Maintenance of overall platform



  1. Create and update User Accounts
  2. Create Learner Records
  3. Create Employer Records
  4. Create and bespoke courses via course builder
  5. Course planner
  6. Create and update Forms 
  7. Manage Pop up disclaimer for Learners
  8. Set review Frequency
  9. Insert gateways to courses



  1. Import Data and Qualifications 
  2. Run Reports 
  3. Management Dashboard 
  4. Create Activities 
  5. Upload Resources
  6. View all IQA sampling Plans 
  7. View IQA Reports per Learner 
  8. Access all Learners 
  9. Access completed Forms Email the Learner
  10. Site configuration


Basic Admin 



  1. Create Learner Records
  2. Create Employer
  3. Records Run Reports


  1. Access all Learners 
  2. Access completed Forms
  3. Email the Learner View IQA Reports 



4.                 Assessor 



  1. Home Page and Dashboard to monitor case load effectively
  2. Create Learner Record (this permission can be removed by MA)
  3. Create Employer and view Record (this permission can be removed by MA)
  4. Create Activities 
  5. Upload Resources
  6. Run Reports for their Case load
  7. Access Learner Portfolios 
  8. Complete Skill Scan with Learners 
  9. Choose Optional units 
  10. Upload Evidence
  11. Give Feedback on evidence 
  12. Ask the Learner to Resubmit evidence 
  13. Map/Reference evidence to criteria 
  14. Sign Criteria off as completed
  15. Sign Units off as Completed 
  16. Request Electronic Signatures 
  17. Book Sessions with Learners: 1-1,group and smart room
  18. Record session Planning and Feedback 
  19. Access offline Assessor App
  20. Log attendance status for the sessions
  21. Set Learner Actions
  22. Record Teaching and Learning within Sessions
  23. Attach Files to sessions 
  24. Complete Formal Review Sessions 
  25. Complete electronic Forms 
  26. View Learner Profile 
  27. Update Learner Contact Diary
  28. Record Additional Learning Support 
  29. Update Learner Time log
  30. View and export Progress Map per Learner 
  31. Email the Learner 
  32. View IQA Reports per Learner 
  33. Update own CPD log 
  34. Session Calendar









  1. Create Learner Record (this permission can be removed by MA) 
  2. Create Employer and view Record (this permission can be removed by MA) 
  3. Risk Rate Assessors per qualification 
  4. Add and Remove IQAs/Learners in Sampling Plans 
  5. Plan Samples
  6. Sample Learner Portfolios 
  7. Set Assessor Actions 
  8. Leave Feedback for the Assessor 



  1. Attach files to the Sample and IQA Report 
  2. View all Learners on IQA Dashboard 
  3. Filter IQA Dashboard to access required Learners 
  4. IQA Approve Completed Learners 
  5. Email the Learner 
  6. View and export Progress Map per Learner 
  7. View Assessors CPD log 
  8. Run Reports 
  9. Set Items for Assessor Sampling 
  10. Conduct Assessor Sampling 
  11. Update own CPD log 







  1. Can only view Learners Linked to them 
  2. View Sampling Plan 
  3. View IQA Report per Learner
  4. Access Learner Portfolio 


  1. Sign Unit Declaration 




 Curriculum Manager -has individual Assessors linked to them 



  1. Management Dashboard 
  2. Create Learner Records 
  3. Create and view Employer Records 
  4. Run Reports 



  1. Access all Learners of linked Assessors 
  2. Access completed Forms 
  3. Email the Learner 
  4. View and export Progress Map per Learner 
  5. View IQA Reports per Learner 






Custom Manager -has individual learners linked to them



  1. Create Learner Records 
  2. Create and view Employer Records 
  3. Run Reports 
  4. Access all linked Learners  


  1. Access completed Forms 
  2. Email the Learner 
  3. View and export Progress Map per Learner 
  4. View IQA Reports 








Overview View Overall Progress of all Learners within the Organisation



Employer Manager View Overall Progress of individual Learners that are linked to them




  1. View Unit Progress
  2. View evidence mapped/referenced to units 
  3. Sign documents electronically 
  4. Upload evidence directly to a Learners Portfolio 
  5. Email the Learner View 
  6. Export Progress Map per Learner