Smart Assessor provides the opportunity for Curriculum Manager roles to access details on all employers held with your site, which will display key data and information related o each employer account. 



Curriculum Manager login credentials are required.  



 Curriculum Manager has access to Employers within the site, however, the Curriculum Manager role will only have access to learners that are linked to Assessors that are linked to the Curriculum Manager role.




1. Select the Employer tab on the grey navigation bar.


2. From the Employer page, there is the ability to filter to identify if any of the employers Public Liability or Health and Safety is out of date. Note* H&S and PL can be exported to Excel.




3. Further filters are available to search by course-specific courses or Employer.

Note* Filtered information can be exported to Excel.


4. Once filtered on the data required, a grid will display general overview information. 

* Note when an Employers company name is highlighted in RED, this indicates they are overdue Health and Safety and Public Liability Assessments dates.

5. To access further information held for the Employer click in the employer name


6. From this view, additional information can be added regards the Employer requirements and any related documents can be uploaded. Once complete, press save.