Smart Assessor provides the opportunity for Curriculum Managers to access caseload management information enabling those with a role to support and manage assessors. 



Curriculum Manager login credentials, Assessors and their caseload linked to the Curriculum Manager role. 



Curriculum Manager- only has access to Assessors linked to the Curriculum Manager role.




1. Login in using Curriculum Manager credentials. Click on the Reports tab on the grey navigation bar.


2. Select client reports then, select the Delivery Performance report option.


3. This needs to be reworded. Within the Delivery Performance Reporting page, there is the ability to set filters to drill down to specific data related to the Assessors. Once a selection has been made, press submit.  (Note* only Assessors that are linked to the Curriculum Manager role will be visible. There is the ability to view all Assessors by pressing the submit tab with no filters set).






4. Press on the submit button and delivery performance report displays.




5. From the reporting page, there is the ability to drill down on data that displays a line under the number.: 


Within Deliver Performance Report the following information is available:

  • Assessor Caseload
  • Learners past their expected end date (PEED)
  • Completions due within 3 months
  • Break-in Learning (BIL)
  • Cancelled Sessions by roles
  • No sessions booked
  • Off the Job (OTJ)
  • Health and Safety required
  • Personal Liability required 


6. Selecting to drill down on data will display further information on the Assessors caseload.  




For more support on this please contact your account manager or email accountmanagers@SmartAssessor.co.uk