Smart Assessor provides the opportunity for Curriculum Managers to access the reporting dashboard filtered to specific Assessors that are linked to the Curriculum Manager role.



Curriculum Manager login credentials and have Assessor linked to Curriculum Manager role. 



Master Admin can view all learners- only




1. Log on to Smart Assessor and click on the dashboard tab on the grey navigation ribbon 


2. Within this page select widgets that help manage assessor activities and track targets/KPIs. Prefilter by using the options on the left-hand side. Filters include the following options: 



3. Maximum widgets that can display at one time is 9 widgets on your dashboard. The information displayed within each widget are linked to your curriculum area, not the centre as a whole. Each of the widgets contains different information that feeds directly from the data in your site. Please see an overview of the headers below:



The reporting widgets you will have access to under these headings are ones that directly impact on your funding and compliance requirements, such as:

  • Progress and on/off track
  • Formal review reports
  • IQA sampling and actions
  • Off the job reporting and tracking
  • Learner satisfaction levels
  • And many more



4 . To open a widget, select the one you require from the drop-down options, this widget will now appear on your dashboard. From here you can expand the widget in order to drill down into the data behind it, (demonstrated below)


5. Once open, you can filter by Assessor, Employer, Manager, Learning aim and dates. Many can be exported into an excel spreadsheet. PLEASE NOTE NOT ALL can exported.



  1. All data is refreshed overnight.  Some widgets have a refresh option if you wish to access during the day


For widgets without this symbol, you will be required to click on the refresh option at bottom right of page

Note* depending on amount of data- this may take some time