Smart Assessor provides an Assessor the ability to create Blocks of learning for their learners to attend. There is the ability to set rules within each block of learning such as, the day the block of learning starts, where the session will take place and the sequence of the locks of learning. 



Once blocks have been built, they can be booked to learners within a group or individual bases.



Assessors can book blocks as they need them and re-use the blocks.

Group block sessions require the group of learners creating prior to adding the group to the block of learning. 



1. From the navigation bar select the Block tab.

2. All  blocks will display here, to book a block click on the View Instances button.  Al instances of the blocks display here, which have been booked or are available to book. To book a session click on the Create Block Instances.


 3. in the drop-down list you can pick the block that you need book in 

 4. Once the block has been selected complete the relevant information. 

5. Once all information has been complete, book the block to individual learners or a group of learners (*Note Group of learners need to be created first)

6. Prior to booking sessions confirmation is required to confirm all details are accurate.