The % Cancelled Sessions widget allows you to view session cancellations aswell as who was the cause of the cancellation on a site wide or filtered basis.

To add the widget to the homepage of the Management Dashboard, you would select the Learner Widgets selection dropdown and select the % Cancelled Sessions widget.

Selecting this will add the widget into the 3x3 grid of widgets on your homepage, and will being to display the data for you as seen below;  

This widget gathers its data based on the below criteria; 

Active Learner- The learner is not archived

The Determination of the %'s is based on the status provided to the session, whether it is cancelled by learner, assessor or Employer. 

This widget can be filtered on by either the Management Dashboard filters(click here for Dashboard Overview Userguide), or the internal filters when using the pop out area of the widget, accessed by clicking the Enlarge Icon(two arrows facing away from each other)

The trend chart for this widget will display the Average Assessor Caseload over the period of time filtered to. This is so you can track if your assessor team have a fluctuating caseload and when they take place.


The Smart Apprentices Team