Once within a SmartRoom, you may wish to share your screen with the learner to display a work document or example and work through this with them. Rather than send them the document separately, or have you both working on it separately you can share your screen/the document and work through this all within zoom. 

To do this, once in the SmartRoom select one of the Share icons, either in the middle of the screen or on the bottom menu bar;

Once selected you will be asked what page/screen you would like to display on a pop up window, simply select which you would like to display and click Share on the bottom right;

Selecting a screen will display anything that is open on that display, if you have multiple screens plugged in then you will see multiple options, seen above in screen 1 or screen 2. This is for use if you will be changing through multiple pages throughout the session, however, selecting something like Chrome will only display what is open on chrome at any time.

You can also select options of Whiteboard, which creates a whiteboard that can be annotated on, or the option of your iPhone/Ipad screen that works through screen mirroring. If you have too many windows open to display, you will see the Show All Windows option that expands the selection to all open applications. You can also select the tick box for sharing the computer sound, selecting this allows you to play videos and it will share the sound of the video with the other users as well.

Once you have selected the Share button on the popup, it will change to that application/screen and minimise zoom, allowing you to begin doing what you wished to share, however, you will see a popup open with the ID and the button to stop the sharing as well as having a green icon around the border of what you have selected;