Once within a SmartRoom Meeting with your learner/s you may wish to record the meeting to use as evidence, or for future referencing,  especially if you would be performing an observation through the SmartRoom. 

within the SmartRoom, you would select the Record Option as seen below;

Once you have clicked on the Record option, you will see the small pop up above indicating the methods of recording you can perform. For recordings that can be accessed by yourself, we recommend you select the Record on this Computer option.

Once you click the Record on this Computer option, it will then change the layout of the bottom menu to contain a pause/stop recording, aswell as add a pop up to the top left of your Zoom window indicating that you are recording the session;

The Pause/Stop Recording button is split into two halves, with the first half being for pausing the recording which when clicked changes into a resume recording button, the other is the stop recording button which stops the recording entirely. 

Once you have stopped the recording, a pop up will appear in the top right informing you that the video will be converted into a mp4 file once the meeting has ended;

Once the meeting ends, you will see a pop up of a zoom window similar to the one displayed below;

You will then be able to select a location for the video to be saved and it will convert the video file into a mp4 and place it in the chosen location to be accessed at a later date.