OVERVIEW  This guide will demonstrate how a Gateway Checklist can be completed against an Apprentice in Smart Assessor.

PREPARATION Login details to Smart Assessor as a Master Administrator, Assessor, or Curriculum Manager. As these are the only users with permission to sign off the Gateway Checklist.

USER RESTRICTIONS Master Administrator Assessor Curriculum Manager


 1. Log in to Smart Assessor as an Assessor, Curriculum Manager, or Master Administrator and go to the Learner tab. Search for the learner you wish to complete the Gateway Checklist for.

6. Once the answer has been completed, to complete the answer, select the Achieved tick box. 

7. When the checklist progress has reached 100%, the Assessor, Learner, and then Employer can sign off the checklist.  

Note: Smart Assessor will allow the following order for the signing off of the Gateway Checklist.

– The Assessor is the first to sign off the checklist Learner

 – The Learner can sign off the Checklist after the Assessor Employer

 – Once the Assessor and Learner have signed off the checklist, the Employer will be the final user to sig

8. To sign off the Gateway Checklist, select your role to sign off within the Checklist Signoff section

(Note: you will only be able to sign off on your respective role. For example, an Administrator will not be able to sign off on behalf of an Assessor. Master Administrators will also be able to remove sign off from Assessor, Learner, or Employer).

9. Once the Assessor, Learner & Employer have signed off the checklist, the Date Checklist Completed will be automatically populated. 

10. If you wish to export the Gateway Checklist to PDF, select the Export to PDF button. This will export each question and the dates they were achieved. This will also include the dates that the Assessor, Learner, and Employer signed off the Checklist.