This guide will demonstrate how a Gateway Checklist can be assigned to an Apprentice in Smart Assessor.


Login details to Smart Assessor as a Master Administrator


Master Administrator


1. Select the Learner Tab and use the search bar to search for the learner that the Gateway Checklist will be added to.

2. Click on the first or last name of the Apprentice to go to the Course tab

3. Select the name of the standard which is linked to the Gateway checklist using the course filters.
Assigning a Gateway Checklist

4. As the Gateway Checklist is assigned to the Standard, the checklist will automatically be added to the apprentice.

5. The Gateway Checklist will be visible for the Apprentice to complete

Note: Gateway Checklists can also be allocated by using either the Smart Assessor API Bridge Tool or Smart Integration data transfer methods. Please refer to documentation on these methods for more information on automatically allocating Gateway Checklists this way.