A Gateway can be used for ensuring learners have met mandatory requirements and competencies, using customisable checklist questions, monitoring progress and Learner, Assessor & Employer sign off, to demonstrate readiness to progress through to their End Point Assessment. This guide will demonstrate how to create a Gateway within Smart Assessor.


Only one Gateway Checklist can be created for each standard.


Master Administrator- only

1. Log into Smart Assessor using Master Admin credentials and select the “Admin” tab.
2. On the Admin view, select the “Qualification” tab and then “Course Builder”.
3. Once in the Course Builder, select “Gateway” as the Core Type for the Course, which will navigate to the Gateway page then select an action. Select “Create New Gateway” and then select create.

4. The create new gateway view will be displayed. Enter the following information: Note- When entering the Course Name/Code, keep these in line with the same naming convention you have already setup for Courses/Codes in Smart Assessor.

- Course Name – a unique course name will be required to be entered

-Course Code – a unique course code will be required to be entered 

- Course Guidance –description of Gateway - Active – Leave this option as Yes

5. Once this section is complete, scroll down the page to the “Assign Gateway to Standard Courses Section”. From the unassigned standard course, the Gateway can be assigned by selecting the relevant Course and clicking on the right arrow key which will then move the course into the assigned standard courses section. Once complete, select Save Course.

6. After selecting ‘Save Course’, Checklist Items can be added. Note* These are questions that relate to the Gateway requirements.

7. Whilst creating a question, you have the option to ask the learner to provide evidence for that question by clicking on the “Evidence Required” tick box. Once you have completed creating your question, select “Save” to save and exit or select “Save and Create New” to add further questions.

8. You may choose to ask a question which requires the learner to select an option from a drop-down. Once you have entered the question you want to ask the learner, select the drop-down options tick box which will then allow you to enter your options for the drop-down. Enter one drop-down option at a time and select the “Add Option” button after each option you enter. Once you have added your options for the drop-down, select “Save” to save and exit or select “Save and Create New” to add further questions.

9. Once the Gateway is complete, select ‘Save Course’ at the bottom of the page.  The Gateway will now be associated with the Course(s) which were selected previously in the creation process