OVERVIEW This guide will demonstrate to you how to utilise the new learner course management page which replaces the previous iteration located on the learner profile.

PREPARATION You will need to be able to log into Smart Assessor as an Assessor.

USER RESTRICTIONS Assessor, IQA, Master Administrator, Basic Administrator, Curriculum Manager, Executive Manager, Custom Manager.

Learner Course Management The course page that displays all courses for a learner has recently been redeveloped. To view a list of courses against a learner, first access the Learner Tab via the grey navigation menu.
Once inside the Learner page locate the learner you to view by clicking the learners first or last name to access their profile page.
Once in the learners Profile page click the Course tab to access the courses and episodes of learning and following this click the pencil icon against the course you wish it view in further detail or edit.