The Learners who have not had a session widget indicates which learners are yet to have a session marked as attended on the system.

To add the widget to the homepage of the Management Dashboard, you would select the Learner Widgets selection dropdown and select the Learners who Haven't had a session widget.

Selecting this will add the widget into the 3x3 grid of widgets on your homepage, and will begin to display the data for you as seen below;

This widget gathers its data based on the below criteria; 

Active Learner- Learner's who are not archived within the system

Active Course- A course with the status of in training or awaiting induction

The active learner has atleast one active course with no session against it that is marked as attended

The two in green determine the amount within the maximum count, which is 31 in the screenshot above. Whereas the red calculates how many out of those 31 do not have a session against them and thus is the internal number, which is 20 in the above screenshot.

This widget can be filtered on by either the Management Dashboard filters(click here for Dashboard Overview Userguide), or the internal filters when using the pop out area of the widget, accessed by clicking the Enlarge Icon(two arrows facing away from each other)

The trend chart for the Learner Overdue Reviews widget looks at how the values have changed over time, to enable you to track the progression of the data on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. 


The Smart Apprentices Team