The Overdue Induction widget indicates which learners have gone over the expected Induction frequency set by the master admins for that site(usually 4 weeks) 

To add the widget to the homepage of the Management Dashboard, you would select the Contract Widgets selection dropdown and select the Learners Overdue Inductions widget.

Selecting this will add the Overdue Reviews widget into the 3x3 grid of widgets on your homepage, and will being to display the data for you as seen below;

This widget gathers its data based on the below criteria;

Total Figures are pulled from below Criteria:

Active Learner- Learners on the site who are not archived

Active Course- The learner has an active course, meaning the status of the course is in training or awaiting induction

The Percentage of the Total is pulled from the Below Criteria:

The learner has atleast one active course, with no Induction Session within the date of the start of the course and the expected Induction frequency period. 

The two in green determine the total number on the widget, with the one in red determining if the learner is included in the calculation of those overdue a Induction session. As shown in the screenshot above, there are 31 learners who meet the green criteria, and 29 who meet the red criteria and thus we have 29 learners overdue a review which is 93.55% of the total learners.

This widget can be filtered on by either the Management Dashboard filters(click here for Dashboard Overview Userguide), or the internal filters when using the pop out area of the widget, accessed by clicking the Enlarge Icon(two arrows facing away from each other)

The trend chart for the Learners with no Forward Sessions widget looks at how the values have changed over time, to enable you to track the progression of the data on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. On a weekly view, it takes the Sunday-Saturday figures for each week and averages them to work out that weeks average rating. For a monthly View, this takes all data from the month and averages these figures into one value to display for that month.