The learners with no off the job training log widget displays a chart of what % of learners on the site do not have any Off the Job Activities logged within their timelog that meet the criteria to be displayed on the widget. 

To add the widget to your homepage and start using the data provided by it, navigate to the dashboard/homepage of your Master Administrator account. Select the Learner Widgets selection dropdown and select the Learners With No Off The Job Training Logged widget. 

This will add the widget onto your homepage as a seperate window in a 3x3 grid. Presenting you with a view similar to the below;

 The widget is setup to look at learners that meet the below criteria;

Active Learner- This means any learners that are not archived on the system

Learner has an active course- The active course means a course that is either in training, or awaiting induction

The active course is included in the off the job training calculation, this is a flag within the Course Builder page of the courses

The learner has no activities in the time log that are allocated to the courses that are included in the off the job calculation that are set to be off the job activities

The Three in green are used to determine if the learner is included in the overall count, whereas the one in the red is how it is determined if the learner is in the percentage of learners that do not have any off the job training logged.

The management dashboard filters(click here for userguide on these) can all be turned on to amend the data that displays in the widget, aswell as the widget's internal filters when popped out using the enlarge icon ( the two arrows facing away from each other) 


The Smart Assessor Team