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This is your IQA Home Page.


If you need to return to this page at any point, simply click the homepage icon. You can find this at the beginning of the menu tab just above your dashboard.


From here you can see how many outstanding IQA actions, learner and employer profiles, IQA progress measured against sampling plans, on/off-track learners and more.



This is the homepage icon on Smart Assessor. 


How to manage your sample plan: 


Step 1: First click QA Sample plan, then Select course and Sample

plan from the drop downs


Step 2: Select Plan Management- in the bottom left of the screen 


Step 3: Add and remove IQAs onto this sampling plan, Highlight the QA     and click the arrow.


Step 4: Add and remove the learners, Select the learner/select all and save

Step 5: Click Learner QA to attach the learners to a QA 


Step 6: Select the learner/select all against the QA and save



How to plan a sample:


Step 1: First click QA Sample plan, then Select course and Sample plan from the drop downs.


Step 2: Select the Assessment Methods and Assessment Processes that you would like to plan to sample. Followed by the Sample Type and planned sample date.


Step 3: Your sampling plan is now created and has a number. To add another IQA onto this sampling plan, Highlight the IQA and click the arrow.


Step 4: Select the learner’s units/outcomes you would like to sample and click Apply SamplesIf you have risk rated the assessors, you can Apply Random Samples


NB You will see your colour coded plan next to each unit

If you need to export the plan to Excel format you can click on the export icon and this will generate the full plan for you 


How to carry out a sample:

Step 1: From the home page, expand into a learner and click on the QA Report icon. 



Step 2: Pink tabs indicated samples are planned, Click on Unit tab you wish to sample the IQA name planned, sample date and assessment methods,

processes will be displayed. 



Step 3: Click on Examine Evidence, the learner portfolio unit overview tab will open in a new tab on your browser. This allows you to easily switch between the report and portfolio.


Note: You can also open the learner portfolio from the QA home page.




How to carry out a sample:


Step 4: Complete your report-add feedback, actions, your IQA Conclusion and sample date. You can add additional Forms or documents if required and links to evidence that has been audited will display. The assessor will be able to view the report and actions will be highlighted to them


 You can sign off the report at the bottom of the page




Inside the learner portfolio: 


The pencil icon is used to view the details of the evidence, including assessor feedback.



Click on the file icon to open and view the evidence.

Click the + icon in show all to expand and see all the criteria to check mappings.


Check assessor mappings. Click over the tick and it will turn blue, showing you that there is sampled criteria.


Note: please note that if doing samples within the IQA report that you use the PINK save tab on the sample before you save the report 




How to risk rate Assessors:

Step 1: First click Assessor Risk Rating Tab, then select the Assessor you want to risk rate from the list on the left-hand side.


Step 2: You can now risk rate the Assessor against each course & assessment method. The plus icon also allows you to add comments. You can also document your rationale. Click save.


Step 3: Set a reminder date to review this.










How to transfer plans:


Step 1: First click Sample Plan Allocation Tab



Step 2: Select the plan you wish to move to another IQA and Click save.