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To get started visit www.smartassessor.co.uk and enter your username and password to login.

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Assessor Homepage: 


This is your Assessor Home Page.


If you need to return to this page at any point, simply click the homepage icon. You can find this at the beginning of the menu tab just above your dashboard.


From here you can see how many learners you currently assess, how many are on or off track, if you have new evidence to review and any other actions that need completing.


Each square can be clicked through to the corresponding page within the system making everything easily accessible.


This is the homepage icon on Smart Assessor.


Assessor Dashboard: 

This is your Assessor Dashboard.


You can access this under the Dashboard tab.


From here you can access your learner and employer profiles, the last log in date for learners, short cut links to actions, upcoming sessions and case load selection.


The comment section is for internal use and not visible to the

learner. Write here any reminders or notes you may need.


The progress bar is split into three colours; blue represents the course duration; orange shows the percentage of course criteria that has evidence mapped against it and the green bar shows course criteria which has been signed off.


The traffic light system shows learner status; red is off track, amber

is on track and green is ahead of track.


How to choose units:

Step 1: Select the portfolio for the qualification you wish to add

optional units to and then click the Choose Units tab.


Step 2: Select the units you wish to add to the learner portfolio.

Click submit and the page will refresh.


Note: The units will now appear on the dashboard and in the unit

area of the learner portfolio.



This is the ‘Units’ button on the Learner Dashboard.

How to book a session:

Step 1: Click on the Assessor dashboard.

Step 2: Click the Calendar Icon against your learner.

 Step 3: Complete the form.

Step 4: See your session - add planning notes, create actions and

activities or upload files.

Session types:

  • Initial session- evidence of first day of learning.
  • Induction-book against all aims, it will remove the awaiting induction status.
  • Review-reviews a review form uploaded against all aims.
  • Out of the Workplace-will populate the Time log as “off the job”.

Note* Induction and formal sessions need to be booked within the induction and review frequency set within the system. Formal reviews to have a formal review review attached. Please remember that a session booked as “out of the workplace” will only go into the time log once it has been attended (All sessions have to be marked as closed – attend, cancelled etc) 


How to upload & map evidence:

Step 1: Click on your Assessor Dashboard and click the relevant

learner portfolio.


Step 2: Click the Upload Work icon. Click Show Add Evidence to select a document from your PC either drag and drop or use the Browse bar. 


Step 3: Complete the declaration page, filling out each section and then click save to return.


Step 4: Once evidence shows in the list, tick the units which the piece of evidence meets, then click the black tick in the Actions column.  


Step 5: Map the evidence against all the relevant performance criteria generating an orange tick.  


 Criteria has been signed off by the Assessor.

 Indicates evidence mapped into the criteria.

  No evidence has been mapped in.

This is the ‘Upload Work’ button on the learner dashboard.