Welcome to Smart Assessor!

You should have received your welcome email containing your account details.

To get started visit www.smartassessor.co.uk and enter your username and password to login.


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How to create & maintain users:

Step 1 Click-Admin tab, Maintain Users, 

 Step 2 Complete the top 4 fields, first name, last name, tick the relevant role for the user and any other optional fields that apply. To create a Curriculum Manager, you must select the associated assessors and an EQA account will need the associated learners selecting


Step 3 To update an existing user click on the chosen person. Change any details necessary and click update. Individual Email configuration settings can be applied.



Note: The new user will be prompted to change their password upon first login.


Setting up an initial pop up message:

Step 1: From the Admin tab, select Initial Pop Up Msg.


Step 2: Enter the text for your initial declaration in the box (max.

1000 characters).



Step 3: If you require any files to be added, select these from your

computer or link them to a website using a URL.


Note: If, at any point, you need to reset the acknowledgment of this message from learners, click to ‘Clear all learner acknowledgment’.


Review frequency and client configuration:

Review Frequency:

Step 1: From the Admin tab, select Review Frequency. 


Step 2: Enter your chosen review and induction frequency. The number of weeks is optional and can be chosen by you.


Step 3: By ticking the ‘Require a file’ box, Assessors cannot mark a Formal Review Session as Attended without either uploading a file or completing an online form.


Step 4: Click confirm to save your changes.



 Client Configuration:

 Step 1: From the Admin tab, select Client Configuration

 Step 2: Select your Required configuration settings and press save. 

Note: If RAG Rating is at 0% is not selected progress reporting will show at 25% of the duration. 



Wellbeing resources and safeguarding:


From the Admin tab, select Safeguarding contact, details entered will display in every learner’s portfolio      

From the Admin tab, select Wellbeing Resourcesresources entered here will display on every learner’s homepage in the wellbeing tile






Management Dashboard:

This is your Management Dashboard, found under the Dashboard Tab.


Under ‘Refine Search’ use the filter tool to display specific information on your dashboard widgets.


9 widgets can be displayed at any one time, select which widgets you want to display using the dropdown list.


Expand a widget to view the information in further detail and apply filters and export to Excel

Hide the widget by clicking on the X, to be able to select a new one from the above dropdown lists.


Widgets with a refresh clock icon are up to date from the last refresh. At the bottom of the screen, you can refresh this data.