Smart Assessor provides opportunities to add different file types to sessions. The following file types can be added are:

  1. ILP
  2. Assessment
  3. Review
  4. General 
  5. Evidence 


Note* when undertaking a formal review, the review form/file needs to be attached to the review file area, otherwise, the formal review session will not allow the session to be attended.  



 Rights to a form need to be allocated, otherwise, the form will not open.




1. Navigate to Learning plan locate the session that requires the form/file to be added to, click the drop-down chevron next to the course/aim, then click file tile on the left-hand side. 

2. The screen will display the following information:


3. Once added the form or file will appear underneath, as displayed in the image below: 

4. The file/ form will also appear in learning plan: