Smart Assessor provides the opportunity to work offline with learners. The following guide will demonstrate how to use the offline application to upload and reference learners’ evidence. 


Download the App from Android Play Store, Apple App Store or the laptop version from the Smart Assessor login page. Enter login credentials. The offline Application allows the assessor work learners and employers whilst offline where internet access is limited or restricted. Note* ensure the application is synced before and after use to ensure the portfolio is updated). 


This Application is for Assessors and learners use only. The laptop application has less functionality compared to the mobile applications due to the device capabilities. 


1. Evidence Manager, use the plus sign to add evidence, the following list of options will display: Note* “Make notes” option allows devices to access the voice to text facility. 

2. Once the evidence is completed, provide the evidence with a name, give feedback and select an evidence type. There is the option to digitally sign the evidence by using the user’s login credentials to add a wet pad signature and add a picture with face capture facilities. 

3. The functions shown below allow deletion, skip this section or save. 

4. Next step is to reference the evidence against unit/s, click on the relevant criteria which will insert a tick 

5. All evidence added will remain on the evidence tab until the application is synced, at this point it will transfer to the online portfolio evidence library with the mappings.