Smart Assessor provides the opportunity for all roles to record an Apprentices contracted hours and holiday entitlement to calculate the 20% OTJ requirements. 


Contracted hours and holiday entitlement can be logged within the Apprentices portfolio via the following methods:


❖ API bridge tool 

❖ Manual entry- (Note* if contracted hours and holiday entitlements are imported into Smart Assessor, then manual entries will be overwritten) 


All roles


1. Navigate to the learner’s dashboard, which is held on the Assessor dashboard area, click on the learner’s name. 

2. Click on the Contracted working hours tab 3. Press set new hours then click on the pencil icon Time log 20%OTJ - Episodes 

4. Complete all fields then click save, this will set the 20% OTJ requirements.

5. 20% off the job will automatically calculate within the time-log tile, as OTJ entries, sessions or evidence are recorded within the portfolio the OTJ percentage will change. 

6. Hovering over the Time Log tile will display the following information: 

❖ Exact OTJ percentage 

❖ Expected OTJ percentage 

❖ Actual OTJ percentage 

❖ Overall progress.