Assessor provides the opportunity to manually create time log entries to evidence all contact made with the learner and time spent on developing knowledge, skills and behaviours. 


Access to Smart Assessor with an active log-in. 


Time log entries can be added by either the Learner or the Assessor. 


1. Navigate to the Learners portfolio, select the Overview tab, which will display the Learners overview dashboard inclusive of the time log tile. Click the Time Log tile to gain access to the time log page. 

2. To add a time log entry, select the ‘Add New Time Log Entry, a new window will appear to add the entry. ADD A TIMELOG ENTRY  

3. Complete the required fields within the pop-up window, including whether the activity is on or off the job (Note* logging the entry as OTJ will contribute to the 20% requirement), then click ‘add activity’.