OVERVIEW Smart Assessor provides the opportunity for Assessors to work offline. This guide demonstrates to use the offline Application to create sessions and make time log entries, whilst working in areas with no internet connection. 

PREPARATION Download the App from Android Play Store, Apple App Store or the laptop version from the Smart Assessor login page. Enter login credentials. (Note* the application needs to be synced before and after use to ensure the portfolio is up to date) 

USER RESTRICTIONS Access to the offline application-Assessors and learners-only. (Note* the laptop application has less functionality compared to the mobile applications due to the device capabilities) 


1. Time log entries are accessed by clicking on the Time Log icon on the menu bar. (Note*the Time log feature is especially useful for learners as it is incredibly easy for them to record, they’re off the job hours) 

2. Sessions can be booked, and planning notes added by clicking onto the booking icon held on the navigation bar. Complete the date, time, session type, duration and planning notes, press save at the top of the page using the save icon. 

3. Locate the planned session by clicking on the learning plan from the navigation bar. Select the session from the dropdown box, any notes already made on the live platform will be displayed. Complete relevant fields as required. There is the ability to amend the session time, add actions, activities and files as well as marking the session as attended. Once attended the Learner has the option to leave feedback as to how they thought the session went.