Smart Assessor provides the opportunity for Assessors to work offline. This guide demonstrates how to use the offline application to create and edit sessions whilst working in areas with no internet connection. 


Download the App from Android Play Store, Apple App Store or the laptop version from the Smart Assessor login page. Enter login credentials. (Note* the application needs to be synced before and after use to ensure the portfolio is up to date) 


Access to the offline mobile application is available for Assessors and learner roles only. 




Sessions can be viewed by selecting the Learning Plan Icon on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.





The Learning Plan Screen allows you to book and edit sessions; add actions and activities and upload files to a session. These actions can be accessed by selecting the plus icon.


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Book Session


Select the “Book Session” option to book a new session. Enter the date, time, duration and session notes using the drop-down arrow. Planning notes can be added in the text field. Select the tick to book the session with the learner/ course whose portfolio you are viewing. Group sessions cannot be booked via the app.


Edit Session


This allows you to edit the current session that you are viewing. You can edit the date, time, duration, session type or location. Select the tick icon to save your changes.


Add Action


This allows you to create a new action which will be added to the current session that you are viewing. Enter the Action Name, Description, Target Date, who the action is for (learner/ assessor or employer) and optionally assign that action to a unit. Select the tick icon to save your action and apply it to the session.


Add activity


This allows you to add one or more existing activities to the current session that you are viewing. Select the activity(s) you want to add to the session and select the tick icon. Activities that have previously been allocated to that learner will not be able to be selected. You cannot create new activities on the app, these must be created on the web version of Smart Assessor.


Upload Files


This allows you to upload a file to the session. Files must be categorised as either General; ILP; Review or Assessment and can be signed. Select the tick icon to save the file. These will be visible in the files area on the right-hand side of the session information on the web version of Smart Assessor once the app has been synced.


The Learning Plan Screen defaults to show the latest session that is booked with the learner by date. 


To select a session, click the drop-down icon next to the session date and select the session that you want to view from the available list. Sessions that have been booked as group sessions will display with the group icon.


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You can see the time and date of the session, planning notes, feedback and status. You can also see existing actions and activities within the session. 


The planning notes and feedback are text fields. Click in the field and type in the details you want to enter and select the save icon to save your changes.


The status allows you to mark the session as; Cancelled; Cancelled by Assessor; Cancelled by Learner; Cancelled by Employer or Learner not attended. To mark a session as attended, you must edit the session in the Sessions tab on the web version of Smart Assessor.



The status of the action or activity is notified by the colour strip on the left-hand side of the action/ activity details.

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Red – not started

Amber – in progress

Green – completed




















You can click into an existing action to see the details, provide feedback or change the status. 

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You can click into an existing activity to see the details, provide feedback, change the status or upload evidence.


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To upload evidence, select the add evidence file.


Select the drop-down list for “Add Evidence File” and choose the type of evidence you want to upload from the list provided. Then browse your device for the file. Once uploaded you need to add details into the fields displayed and select a the checkbox that best describes your evidence.


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Then you must sign the evidence to validate it. Select the user role that you are providing the signature as (learner/ assessor/ employer), you must then provide your log in details again. Once your log in details are verified, you can sign the signature pad.


You can then map your evidence to your course. You will see the unit modules displayed. Select the module that you want to map the evidence to and select the checkbox next to the topic(s) that your evidence maps to. You can select multiple unit modules and topics for one piece of evidence.

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Once you have entered all the details needed you can select the save icon in the top right-hand corner to upload your evidence.


The evidence will appear in the upload queue on the Evidence screen until the portfolio is synced when you are online. The evidence will not appear in the web version of Smart Assessor or be available to view by other users until it is synced.


Evidence that has been synced is only accessible using the web version of Smart Assessor.


The app must be synced once you are online for any changes that you have made in the Learning Plan Screen to be visible to others in Smart Assessor.


To sync the app as an assessor; go to the home screen and select the sync icon.

To sync the app as a learner; select the burger menu in the top left corner of your screen and either select the course you are in and then select synchronise course or select synchronise all courses.