Smart Assessor provides an offline application to engage with learners and employers whilst offline. The following information will also provide an overview of the offline application homepage and learner progress. 


Download the App from Android Play Store, Apple App Store or the laptop version from the Smart Assessor login page. Enter your login credentials. Note *ensure that the application is synced before and after use to ensure the e-portfolio is up to date. 

USER RESTRICTIONS This Application is for Assessors and learners use only. The laptop application has less functionality compared to the mobile applications due to the device capabilities. 


The offline application provides an opportunity for assessor to work offline with learners and employers when internet access isn’t available or permitted. To add learner to the application, use the plus icon, to hide a learner from view if required use the eye symbol. 

1. A red dot by a learner indicates the portfolio needs to be synced. This can be achieved via the “Sync up” button at the bottom of the screen. 

2. Forms are located on the form’s icon on the Assessor dashboard 

3. An alphabetical scroll bar located on the righthand side of the screen makes locating the learner easier 

4. To open the portfolio, click the learners name. 

5. Once open, navigate using the menu at the bottom of the screen. The home icon navigates back to the list of learners and the save icon is located at the top right of relevant pages. 

6. Located next to the learners photo the number of outstanding actions will be displayed, click to view the actions. 

7. The progress bar for the qualification is displayed along with information the next booked session. 

8. Followed by the progress per unit, which can be expanded by clicking the unit, which then displays to a criteria level and a colour-coded gap analysis.