Smart Assessor provides an offline application as a companion to the Smart Assessor web product to engage with learners and employers whilst offline.

The following information will also provide an overview of the offline mobile application Assessor Dashboard and Progress screens.


Download the App from Android Play Store, Apple App Store or the laptop version from the Smart Assessor login page. Enter your login credentials. Note *ensure that the application is synced before and after use to ensure the e-portfolio is up to date. 


This Application is for Assessors and learners use only.


When you log into the app, you will be taken to the assessor dashboard, this will display all the learner portfolios that you are linked to as an assessor, showing the course name and the learner’s name for each profile. If you are linked to the same learner for multiple courses, you will see multiple profiles for that learner. Select the profiles that you want to view in the app by selecting the checkbox next to that profile and select the tick icon.

The assessor dashboard will then display the profiles that you have selected.

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To add a learner to the application, use the plus icon, to hide a learner from view if required use the eye symbol. 

A red sync icon indicates the portfolio needs to be synced. This can be achieved via the Sync button in the top right corner of the screen.

 Assessor Forms are located on the Forms icon on the Assessor dashboard forms are covered in more detail in the mobile app Forms user guide.

To open the portfolio, click the learner’s name. 


This takes you to the Progress screen for that learner’s portfolio. Once open, you can navigate using the menu at the bottom of the screen. The home icon navigates back to the list of learners and the save icon is located at the top right of relevant pages. 

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The learner’s name and course name are displayed at the top of the screen. 

Under this you can see the progress bars for the course and a number. The number relates to the number of outstanding actions and activities related to the learner whose profile you are viewing. You can click the outstanding actions number to see a list of these outstanding actions and activities.


Under the progress bars you can see the next session information showing the date and time of the next session. Clicking on the icon next to that information will take you to the Learning Plan screen for that session.


Next there is the Gap Analysis section of the screen, this displays the unit module names for the course with details of the sign off progress and the evidence mapped for each unit module.


The unit module can be expanded by clicking the arrow, this then displays the topics under that unit. Each topic is colour coded for progress and can be expanded to display a colour coded gap analysis. 


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If the learner has completed a skills scan for the unit module, this can be viewed by selecting the graph icon next to the unit module name.

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The portfolio must be synced when online to update the learner’s portfolio on the web version of Smart Assessor.

To sync the app as an assessor; go to the home screen and select the sync icon.

To sync the app as a learner; select the burger menu in the top left corner of your screen and either select the course you are in and then select synchronise course or select synchronise all courses.