Smart Assessor provides Assessor with the opportunity to view learner evidence, this user guide will show how evidence can be viewed within the system. 



Log into Smart Assessor as an Assessor and access the Learners Portfolio page 



All Assessors linked to the Learner has access to view Learner evidence.




  1. Navigate to the Learner Portfolio page, selecting the course evidence has been uploaded to, then click on Upload Work tile.


2. Now within the evidence library, click on the file icon next to the Evidence Name, the evidence will either open or download. (Note * if red box displays around the file icon it means that the evidence has not been reviewed or opened)



3. Or alternatively, click the Pencil icon which will navigate to the Evidence Description Page. Evidence can be opened by clicking on the evidence file.


4. Also, on the Evidence Description page, there is the option to open the evidence via the Smart Annotator link, providing the opportunity to view the evidence. (Note* Smart Annotator needs to be enabled for this option to be available to the Assessor & Learner)