Smart Assessor provides the opportunity for Assessors to access the learner’s profile page. This user guide will support the use of the Tests and Exams feature within the profile page.



Use login credentials to access Smart Assessor to view the learner’s profile page.



Master Admin, Assessor, Basic Admin, Curriculum Manager and IQA have access to the learner’s profile area.




1. Click onto the learner name, which will navigate to the Learner's Profile page.



2. The Tests and Exams tab provides the opportunity to record Test and Exam results by clicking on Add New Test and Exam.

There is the ability to search for Test and Exam entries by typing within the search option.

To export all entries made, select Excel Export.



3. Once Add New Test and exam is selected the following information can be recorded:

  1. Achievement & Achievement Title
  2. Result, Level & Score
  3. Date, Expiry Date and any relevant attachments example exemption certificates.

4. Add any relevant comments
5. Submit to save.