Smart Assessor provides the opportunity for Assessors to access the learner’s profile page. This user guide will show how to amend Contracted Work Hours. (Note* if contracted hours are imported via a data integration method, then any data updated manually will be over written- contact the MIS team to confirm)



Login details to access Smart Assessor to view the learner’s profile page.



Master Admin, Assessor, Basic Admin, Curriculum Manager and IQA have access to the learner’s profile area.




1. Click onto the learner name, which will navigate to the Learner's Profile page and select Contracted Work Hours tab.



2. Once selected, there is the ability to record or amend any changes of employment such as:

  1. Contracted Work Hours
  2. Yearly Holiday Entitlement.

Which links to the calculation of Off The Job activity, provide a clear audit trail of any amendments made throughout the term of the learner's apprenticeship programme.


3. To edit existing records, select pencil icon, edit the current entry.

4. Select Set New Hours when setting new employment details or a change in Contracted Work Hours or Yearly Holiday Entitlement. This will create a new entry providing a clear audit trail.