Smart Assessor provides the opportunity for Assessors to map evidence to show progression when a learner is working towards completion of the course (orange mapping) or mapping to show the final assessment decision has been made (green mapping). This user guide will also demonstrate how to map criteria that don’t require any evidence links.


Smart Assessor log in credentials to access the Learners Portfolio page. 


All Assessors linked to the Learner will have the ability to map evidence within the Learners portfolio.



1. Navigate to the Learner Portfolio page, select the relevant course tab, then click the Upload Work tile. 

2. The Evidence library will display all evidence present within the portfolio. (Note* red text indicates that the evidence hasn’t been mapped). Tick the unit/units the evidence needs to be mapped against. Click the black action tick. 

3. The black action tick navigates to unit mapping page. There is the ability to add feedback which will populate the Assessor Feedback box on the Evidence description page. 

4. To open each unit to display the criteria, click on + icon to open each unit, which will display all criteria within the unit. 

5. The Gaps indicate the following: 

❖ Red- no evidence mapping 

❖ Orange- evidence mapped to show learner is working towards completion of the criteria 

❖ Green- Assessor final decision has been made and the criteria have been signed off as complete. 

6. Click on the left-hand side to map criteria to show progress working towards completion, press Save and Return. (Note* contributes to orange progress bar) 

7. Additional blocks are then added to the gap section to display how pieces of evidence have been mapped. 

8. To make a final assessment decision, click on the right-hand side and map criteria to show as fully completed press Save and Return when finished (Note* contributes to green progress bar) 

9. For criteria that doesn’t require evidence mappings, double click the righthand side and a green X will appear, press Save and Return when finished.