Smart Assessor provides the opportunity to map evidence at the group level, this guide provides guidance on how to successfully map evidence within a group. 


Log in credentials for Smart Assessor and access to the Assessor role. 


Assessor role- only 


1. Log in using account credentials, navigate to the ‘upload work’ tile within the learner’s dashboard. 

2. Click “upload work” to access the evidence library, navigate to the group of evidence created, from here select the unit to be mapped to the group, then click the grey tick to navigate to the mapping area. Within this area, it also gives you the ability to individually map evidence within groups or at the group level. 

3. Once navigated to the evidence mapping, start to map the criteria that are covered by the evidence. (*Note mapping at group level provides the opportunity to neatly compile evidence together) 

4. To manage and maintain created groups click the pencil icon identified below.