Smart Assessor has a wealth of reports available to support the monitoring of the learner journey, this guide provides guidance on where to locate set reports within the system and offers an example on a specific report – Form Report.


Note* each role will have different levels of reports available to them. 

1. Assessor – caseload report 

2. Curriculum manager - will have access to reports based on the learners attached to them

3. Custom Manager – will have access to reports based on the learners attached to them 

4. Master admin/Executive manager - will be able to see all


Master Admin- can see all reports- no restrictions.


1. Click Reports tab from the grey navigation bar (Note* that dependent on role, this tab will be in different locations)
2. Click the report required -Excel will export straight away - (NOTE* not all users will see all the tabs screen shot is based on master admin view) For more support on the Client Reports please contact Account Managers on accountmanagers@SmartAssessor.co.uk


You can also run reports on your Electronic forms that have been used and completed within the system (Note* only Master Admin)

1. Click Forms Reports Tab, select Custom Forms Reporting option.

2. Custom Forms Reporting operates in the same way of Custom Report (Note* refer to Create a Custom Report)

3. Run the reports created (Note * How to Create a Custom Report)

4. For Forms Usage report, click Forms Report then select Forms usage.
5. Statistical information will display on Form Usage Detail or Form Location Detail.

6. Click Run Report and export to Excel if required.
7. The report displays the following detail, select search to locate the information required.

❖ Form Name 

❖ Form Description  

❖ Form Type 

❖ Times Allocated  

❖ Times Completed  

❖ Most Allocated 

❖ Last Allocated  

❖ Last Completed