Client Configuration is an area where settings can be applied to effectively manage the way the system operates.

Alterations applied to setting impact the whole site and are activated immediately.

Master admin - only


1. Click the Admin tab from the grey navigation bar.

2. Click Admin, then select Client Configuration option.

Evidence sign off – Within the evidence description page if learner ticks the declaration box, the signature box will auto sign the evidence as well. 

Evidence Mapping- When ticked if pieces of evidence are uploaded then multiple orange blocks will display within then mapping/ progress map areas when final assessment decision the multiple blocks will display green.  

Allow the same assessor to IQA evidence/unit – This allows the same user to be an IQA and Assessor for a learner. 

Allow learner feedback when no session attendance status set – Provides the opportunity for learner feedback to be provided prior to setting attendance of the session. 

Client notification -Notification sent once the feedback completed.

Assessors can create Assessments – Provides ability for assessor role to create assessments within the assign assessments option for sessions. 

RAG rating to display from duration at 0% - All Learners are RAG rated from the start date, if not ticked, then the learner will not be RAG rated until 25% way through the duration of the course. 

Smart Annotator Auto-convert file upon upload - When ticked provide the ability to auto-convert files for Smart Annotator. 

Set induction and formal review session courses as mandatory – When ticked all aims/ courses are auto-selected and are then mandatory for both session types. 

Separate welcome emails – Ability to send separate welcome emails for username and password.