Smart Assessor offers the opportunity to custom brand, providing a clear distinction between subcontractors or employers accounts or even to assist the assessment team in identifying different accounts.

Logo file size- 250 px wide by up to 81 px high USER RESTRICTIONS

Master admin -only


1. Click Admin tab on grey navigation bar.

2. Click Admin tab, select Custom Branding option.

3. Add the Company/Branding name into the box, up-load the LOGO (Note*Logo file should be up to 250 px wide by up to 8

4. To assign Custom Branding navigate to Maintain Users within the Admin tab. (* Note refer to Maintain Users guide)

5. Branding with a drop-down option will appear providing the opportunity to select the required Custom Branding.

6. To add Custom Branding to a learner, navigate to the Learner Profile zone scroll down to the bottom of the profile page. Within the Funding body area, select from the Branding Type option the relevant Custom Brading and press save.Note* refer to Learner Profile user guide.