Smart forms are a great way to digitise your internal forms, such as formal reviews, commitment statements, learner surveys and many more. There is the ability to allocate and capture required signatures from learners, assessor, employers and relevant external bodies.

Using two screens can benefit the creation of forms, providing the ability to view two documents at the same time.

Master admin – only.

1. Click Admin tab from grey navigation bar.

2. Click Forms tab, select Create New Form option.

3. Select create from blank or create from template.

4. Once template or type has been selected the ability to create a form will be available. To add fields, drag and drop into the location to which they need to be displayed.  

5. From the Header or Footer zone the following options become available. For the Header or Footer zone drag the field into the header or footer then change the Field settings (Note* there isn’t the option to add to footer or header from the main body of the form)