Smart Assessor provides integrated Smart Room’s where the learner can meet with their Assessor remotely, this user guide demonstrates how to access and enter a planned Smart Room session.



Organisational restrictions such as a Firewall may prevent access to a Smart Room, for more support discuss further with your Assessor or organisation.  

The following equipment is required (Note* check that the computer/ laptop/ have these features built-in. Joining via an Ipad will Zoom rooms to be downloaded from the App store.)


  • Microphone
  • Speakers 
  • Camera- optional.



Learner- only. 




  1. Log into Smart Assessor account www.SmartAssessor.co.uk 



2. From the Homepage the next session due date and time will be displayed.

3. On the date and time of the Smart Room session, click the Smart Session tile to access the remote session.






4. On the date and time for the meeting, a message will be provided, to join the meeting click on the Enter tab 



More information on how you can join your Smart Room session can be found below. 

Kind Regards

The Smart Apprentices Team