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What is an e-portfolio?

An e-portfolio for learners is an electronic collection of competence,

which is assessed against qualifications replacing paper portfolios.

How can Smart Assessor help employers?

We work in partnership with our employers to deliver an outstanding learning journey for apprentices.


Technology provides an exciting opportunity for employers, apprentices and training providers to collaborate, the technology platform we use is the award-winning e-portfolio Smart Assessor.


Our technology platform helps our employers see how their apprentices are progressing and get involved in supporting their apprentices through our easy to use e-portfolio eliminating paperwork completely.

Employer log in types:

There are two types of Employer roles available in Smart Assessor.


Employer Manager

This Employer is the learner’s manager/mentor, the person who requires a login to; track progression, know when visits are booked, view learner actions, upload evidence, sign documents, view learners’ whole portfolio and sign units etc.


This role can be allocated so you have visibility of all the learners you manage/mentor.


This role can be allocated by the Master Admin, Basic Admin and Assessor roles. Please contact your training provider to request access.

Employer Overview

This role is useful for a person who needs to; Track progression, know when visits are booked, view learner actions, upload evidence, sign documents, view learners’ whole portfolio and sign units etc.

The difference is the Employer Overview role can have access to learners’ portfolios at different employer sites.


For example; if you have learners based at a head office and other learners based at multiple employer sites, (if those employer sites are set up as individual employers in Smart Assessor), this role can be allocated to give you visibility of all learners’ portfolios at those employer sites. It’s great for training managers etc. who need access to lots of different learners.


This role can only be allocated by a Master Admin only. Please contact your training provider to request access.

This is your Employer Dashboard.

This shows you the Assessor’s name, qualification details, a link to the

progress map and short cut links to actions you can complete.


You can use the traffic light system to see a learner’s status per aim;

red - off track, amber - on track, green - ahead of track.


The learner progress bars are also displayed using colours; blue represents the course duration, orange shows the percentage of course criteria that has evidence mapped against it and the green bar shows course criteria which has been signed off.

You can return to this page at any time by clicking the homepage icon.


This is the homepage icon on Smart Assessor.

Signing documents:

  • Step 1: Click on the Awaiting Signature icon. The red border around the image indicates you have documents awaiting a signature.
  • Step 2: Click on document name to open and view the document
  • Step 3: Click the check box to populate a tick signature
  • Step 4: Click Save and the document will no longer show in the list

This is the Awaiting Signature icon.

How to upload evidence:

  • Step 1: Click on the Upload Evidence icon
  • Step 2: Click on Choose File and upload the evidence
  • Step 3: Give the evidence a name and description. Ensure you then digitally sign the evidence
  • Step 4: Click Upload and the evidence will then go into the Learners portfolio for the Learner and Assessor to view

This is the Upload Evidence icon

How to sign off units:

  • Step 1: Click on the Unit Number to view the evidence record sheet. Completed units are displayed in green
  • Step 2: To view evidence click on the File icon in the evidence documents column. View which criteria the evidence is mapped to. Digitally sign the unit within the confirmation statement

This is the File icon

Employer app:

We have launched an app designed specifically for Employers.


My Smart Employer app is available for Apple and Android phones, download it from the Apple store or Google Play store and login with your Smart Assessor employer login.


The app will display an at a glance view of key performance indicators based on your learners’ status in Smart Assessor. You can refresh the app to display real time data.

Kind Regards

The Smart Apprentices Team