Resources of any media type can be added in SmartVLE for use with your learners, there is no file size limit on the resources that you can add. 

When you create a resource in SmartVLE, you must assign a resource type to it. This dictates how you can use the resource within SmartVLE. You can allocate more that one type to the same resource.

This resource will be made available to the participant as they are answering the question. SCORM files cannot be allocated as question resources.

An assessment resource is made available to the participant prior to them starting the assessment.

A learning material is attached to a question as the author is creating it and will be released to the participant if they get the answer for that question wrong. Learning materials can be linked to a Smart Assessor course (see below Resources integration with Smart Assessor).

If there are multiple questions in an assessment relating to the same criteria, the learner will receive all the learning materials linked to those questions if they answer one of the questions incorrectly.

You can add a resource to SmartVLE via the resources tab or as you are creating a question or assessment.

If you want to upload a SCORM resource, please contact VLE support: 

Click on the resources tab and then click “Add Resource” and the Resource pop-up will appear. Enter a name for the resource and a level with an optional description if wanted, then click on the “Attachments” tab. Choose the resource type/s that you want to assign to this resource and then select the media type for the resource that you want to upload to the site – image, video, audio, SCORM (learning material and assessment resource only), URL or other (for files like word documents, PDFs etc.). Browse your computer for the resource and then click one of the save options. Larger files will take longer to process when saving.

 If you want to add a resource to a question, click on the last tab on the question wizard to take you to the resources section for that question. Here you can add a question resource and/or a learning material. For each resource type you will be given the option to add new or add existing. If you need to add a new resource, click the add new button and follow the instructions above. To add an existing resource, click on the add existing button and start typing the name of the resource in the text box. The resource will automatically filter as you start typing to show you that any resources with those letters in them that are of the same type that you are adding the resource against.

Click on the name of the resource to add it to that question. 

If you want to add a resource to an assessment, the option to add an assessment resource is available if you are creating or editing an assessment. Choose the option to add new or add existing and follow the instructions as above. 

Once a learning material or assessment resource has been created, you can send it to a participant without attaching it to a question or an assessment by using the resources tab.

You can search for the resource by resource type, media type, level and name. Once you have found the resource that you are looking for click the pink “send Resource” icon at the end of that row. The “Send Resource” pop-up will appear, you can use the filters to find the learner/s that you want to send the resource to, click the add box next to their name/s and then choose one of the send options. Resources can also be sent to user groups. 

Alternatively, resources can be linked to a course in Smart Assessor, this is covered in the “Resources integration with Smart Assessor” section. 

Click on the assigned resources tab in SmartVLE to see the resources that have been assigned to participants both automatically and manually.

You can use the filter options to filter this list of assigned resources to your requirements. 

If a resource has not been completed by a participant, it can be recalled by clicking on the green “Recall Resource” action button. 

Any resource that has been completed by a participant will have a date in the completed column and you can view the details by clicking on the blue “View Resource” button. If the learner has had to upload completed work to complete the resource, you will be able to download the completed work here. 

Master Admins and Assessors can attach an existing Smart VLE learning resource to a course in Smart Assessor.

As an assessor in Smart Assessor, go to the resources tab (Master Admin can access this via the admin menu; qualification tab) and select the course that you want to attach the Smart VLE resource to. 

You can choose to link the resource at course level or to selected units within the course. The “Choose resources for course” option is available as soon as you have selected the course, alternatively, you can open your desired unit within the course and link the resource at unit level.

Once you have made this choice, select the “Link to VLE resource” button under “Choose resources for this course”. This will bring up 4 drop down menus. Choose the VLE course, unit, criteria and resource. 

Once you are happy with your selection, click the add link button, this will save the resource to this course and automatically send it to any learner that is registered to the course. 

You will see a pop up to inform you that the resource has been sent to all learners registered to this course, with details of any exceptions.

Any learners that are registered to the course in the future will also receive this resource. It will be visible in the list of resources for that course, with a Smart VLE icon next to it. 

The resource will now be visible in the resource list for that course in Smart Assessor with a Smart VLE icon next to it. 

Once a resource has been attached to a course, you can then add it to a session in the learning plan. Open the session that you want to add a resource to. 

Click the “Resource” button next to the session, this will bring up a list of available resources for that course. You can filter the resources by unit using the unit filter drop-down.

Select the tick box next to the name of the resource you want to add and select “add resource”. 

This will add the resource to that session in the learning plan.

 To access the resource the learner can click the icon in the files’ column. 

Deleting a Resource from a Session

If a resource is deleted from a session in Smart Assessor and the learner has not completed it, the resource will be recalled in Smart VLE with the reason “Resource removed from session in SA”.

If a session is deleted and there are resources in that session, any incomplete resources will be recalled in SmartVLE with the reason “Linked Smart Assessor resource removed”.

If the resource has been completed by the learner before the resource is removed in Smart Assessor, the resource will not be recalled in SmartVLE.

If you reassign a completed resource to a learner in Smart Assessor, it will automatically appear in the session with a completed status.

Linking a Smart VLE resource to Smart Assessor in Smart VLE

When adding a new resource in Smart VLE, once it has been assigned the resource type of a learning material in the attachments tab, a new tab for SA Integration will become available. 

When you click on this new tab, you can select the tick box to link the resource to Smart Assessor. 

If you select this tick box, you will then have the option to link to SA Course or SA unit. Use the drop-down to make this choice. Once this choice has been made and the link has been activated, you will only be able to link that specific resource at that level.

If you chose to link to a course, the title “SA Courses” will appear on the screen with a text box underneath it. 

Start typing the name of the course that you want the resource to be attached to in this text box and choose the desired course from the filtered list. 

Once selected, you can add more courses to attach this resource to by clicking the add new course button. 

When you have added all the Smart Assessor courses that you want to link the resource to, choose one of the save options.

The resource will automatically be uploaded to the relevant courses in Smart Assessor and be assigned to all Smart Assessor learners who are registered to that course. 

If you chose to link to a unit, you must first choose the course that the unit is linked to and then select the unit within that course. When you make the unit selection, the title “SA Courses” will appear on the screen with a text box underneath it.

Start typing the name of the course that you want the resource to be attached to in this text box and choose the desired course from the filtered list. A new title will appear called “SA Units”. Start typing the name of the unit within your chosen course and select the unit that you want the resource to be linked to from the filtered list.

Once you click save, the name of the course and the unit will appear to show where the resource has been linked to in Smart Assessor.

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If a resource has been linked at unit level via Smart Assessor and has previously been linked at course level in SmartVLE, the name of the course that the unit is in will appear in the course list for that resource rather than displaying the course and unit name.

To access a Smart VLE resource, the learner must click on the appropriate file in Smart Assessor. This will open a new window and log the learner into their Smart VLE site using the single sign on service. The window will open with the selected resource already open.

A SCORM resource will be automatically marked as complete once they have worked through it and met the completion criteria. 

For any other resource, they will need to download the resource (if necessary), complete the work and then provide feedback and mark the work as complete from within Smart VLE. 

This will then change the status of that resource to completed against the session. 

The status of the resource will also change on the list of resources for the learner for that course, with the feedback given by the learner. 

Deactivating a Linked Resource

When a resource is linked to a course in Smart Assessor, you can view the list of resources for the course on the resources page.

If you select the red bin icon next to a SmartVLE linked resource, this will deactivate the link to SmartVLE for that resource.

This will recall all the not started and incomplete resources for the learners that have not completed the resource yet and send them an email to inform them that the resource has been recalled. These resources will appear under the Assigned Resource page in SmartVLE as recalled with the reason “SA Link deactivated”.

In SmartVLE, when you edit a resource and select the SA Integration tab, you can see a red bin icon next to the course name.

Selecting this will deactivate the link between SmartVLE and that resource, with the same associated actions as deactivating the link in Smart Assessor.

If a linked resource is deactivated in SmartVLE, this will deactivate the resource in SVLE,  remove the resource from the resource list for that course/ unit in SA, remove the name of the course/ unit that the resource is linked to in SVLE on the SA integration tab, recall all incomplete instances of that resource that have been sent to all users with reason "Resource deactivated"   and send the recall resource email to all users that have had the resource recalled.

If a SmartVLE linked resource has been allocated within a session in Smart Assessor, deleting this resource will remove the resource from the session and recall the resource with the reason “Resource removed from session in SA”. You will then be able to allocate this resource to the learner again. A completed resource will not be able to be deleted from a session.

Any changes to the percentages in the Employer Widget on Smart Assessor will be reflected when linked resources are deactivated.


Resource Reporting

When a Smart VLE resource has been completed that has been assigned to a Smart Assessor course, the percentage completed will change to reflect that in the resources widget that is found in Employer on the Master Admin executive dashboard.