Once a participant has completed their assessment, you will need to view their results.

This can be carried out in SmartVLE or from Smart Assessor.


To view the assessment results in SmartVLE, click on the “Assigned Assessments” tab. This will show you a full list of assessments that have been sent.

This list can be filtered to your requirements to find the assessment that you want to review. If there is a date in the completed column, then the participant has completed the assessment and you can view the results. If a participant reports that they have completed their assessment and there is no date in the completed column, then it might be useful to run the incomplete assessments report to check on its status.

The results column will give you an overview of the results of the completed assessment, if the assessment is a diagnostic or learning profile assessment, then it will state that the assessment has been completed.

In the actions column, you will see two buttons for assessments that have not been completed and one button for completed assessments.

The green action button allows you to recall assessments that have not been completed.

The blue action button allows you to view the results in more detail.

For initial assessments, you will see a spiky profile of the levels that the participant is working towards for each unit as well as the overall result.

For all assessment types, you will be able to click the “View Answers” button to see the answers given by the participant, see viewing answers further on in this user guide. You will also be able to view any feedback from the participant (if this option has been activated when the assessment was created) and give feedback to the participant if desired. Please note, if you are using the assessment as an activity in Smart Assessor, it is recommended that you provide feedback via the evidence library so that all the feedback sits in one place.

If the assessment is a diagnostic or learning profile type of assessment, you will also be able to view the learning profile by clicking the “View Learning Profile” button.

Viewing Assessment Result in Smart Assessor

When an activity that is linked to a SmartVLE assessment has been completed by the learner in Smart Assessor, there are several places where you can view the assessment's results by clicking on the SVLE icon.

  • Against the activity on the session in the learning plan.
  • On the upload work tile on the learner’s dashboard.
  • In the evidence library.
  • When clicking to view the history of a piece of evidence in the evidence library.
  • Clicking on the SVLE tile when viewing the learner’s dashboard.

This will open a pop-up window that is populated with the result, you can also click one of the buttons to view the answers or the learning profile, of appropriate. This will open a new webpage and log you into SmartVLE, taking you directly to the information that you are reviewing for that learner.

Once you have reviewed the results of the assessment, you can give feedback to the learner in the evidence library and choose to either save and not ask the learner to resubmit or save and ask the learner to resubmit.

If you ask the learner to resubmit, they will be automatically sent the assessment again to complete. The results of this assessment will sit against the same piece of evidence in the evidence library and you will be able to click the ⓘ button and view the history of results for that piece of evidence.

When an assessment has been added to a session in Smart Assessor as an Activity, the status of that activity will change from red to Amber when the learner starts the assessment.

When the learner completed the assessment, the results from the assessment will display in the evidence library and the status on the session will remain amber until the assessor has reviewed the evidence and accepted it by clicking "save and not require the learner to resubmit" on the edit evidence details page.

Once the evidence has been accepted by the assessor, any mappings will be applied and the status on the session will change to green to show that the activity has been completed.



If you are viewing the learner’s dashboard as an assessor, clicking the SVLE tile will take you to assigned assessments in SmartVLE filtered to that learner’s assessments. If the learner has not been assigned any assessments via Smart Assessor and the SA Learner account is not linked to the participant account, SVLE will open on the log in page with an error message stating “User not found.”

Viewing Answers

When you choose to view the answers of an assessment, you will be shown the questions in the order that they were shown to the learner.

Each question will show you how many marks were awarded to the participant, the participant’s response and, if necessary, the correct answer.

If n/a is displayed, this means that the answer was not attempted by the participant


Yes/no; true/false; multiple-choice; numerical range and ranking questions will display a green tick or a red cross to show if the participant answered correctly.

Answers displayed in red are incorrect answers given by the participant. Answers displayed in green are either the correct answer that was given by the participant or what is accepted as a correct answer if the participant answered incorrectly.

For matching pairs, you will be shown 2 sets of responses, the participant’s answer and the correct response, if the participant has answered correctly, the arrow linking these pairs will be green, if the participant has answered incorrectly, the arrow will be red.

Hotspots will display a green box to show the correct hotspot area.

Pie charts will display the participant’s answers next to the correct answer, if the participant’s answer box is blank, they have not attempted the question.

Bar charts will display bars in the correct position as green and bars in the incorrect position as red. Any bars that are empty have not been populated by the participant.

If the assessment is a learning style assessment or an unmarked assessment, you will be able to see the participant’s responses but there will be no marking scheme displayed.

The “Back to Assigned Assessments” button situated at the top and bottom of the page will take you back to the filtered list of assigned assessments.

Free Text Questions 

The only question type that is not self-marking is the free text type question. If the assessment contains one or more free text type questions, then the result will not be displayed until an author has assigned a mark to these questions.

When viewing the answers of the assessment, the author can view the response given by the participant and assign a mark.

Once saved, this will be calculated against the assessment criteria and the results of the assessment

will be available for both the participant and the author to see.