In the top right-hand corner of the screen, you will find the settings button with a drop-down menu that gives you access to author groups, SA setting, client logo and email templates.

In here you can add and edit the author groups for your site including their permissions and the courses that they can access. This is explained in full in the User Management user guide.

SA Settings

This will open a pop-up with a list of drop-down menus that manage the settings for the integration with your Smart Assessor site. You must ensure that the initial assessments are set to the ones that you use in your organisation. The results from these initial assessments only will be populated in the learner’s learning profile in Smart Assessor when the participant and SA Learner records are merged.

If an assessor accesses SmartVLE via Smart Assessor and they have not yet had an author account set up for then in SmartVLE, an author account will be automatically created for them in SmartVLE. The default author group is the author group that these automatically created authors will be put into. The system defaults to the client administrator group, which gives full access to SmartVLE. If you want to amend this, find the name of the author group that you want the automatically created authors to go into from the drop-down list.

There is also a checkbox for “Add results completed prior to SA/VLE link to the SA evidence library?”

This checkbox defaults to checked. If you wish assessment results to be imported into the evidence library when the participant and SA Learner records are merged, keep this box checked. When setting up the assessment(s) that you wish to be imported, you will also have to set which course you want the assessment results to display in the evidence library.

The final setting is called “Use Participant Accounts”, this is a drop-down selection box that defaults to “Yes”.

If you use participant accounts within your site, then leave this set as yes.

If you do not use participants within your site, then change this setting to “No” and save your changes.

This setting impact some of the actions for merging participant and SA Learner accounts.

Our support team will assign your logo to your SmartVLE site when it is created. If you want to amend this, you can choose this option and browse your computer for your new logo to upload. This will appear at the top of the SmartVLE screen for all authors and participants.

This will bring up a list of all the email templates that are available for you to personalise with a short description of when the email is triggered in Smart VLE.


If you click view against an email, you will see what the default email contains and be able to activate/ deactivate the email.

If you want to edit the content, click the edit option for that email. 

This will open the template for that email, the areas that you can edit are shown below.


 You can change the name of the subject for the email.

You can include any email addresses that you would like to automatically receive a copy of the email.

 You can amend the body of the email here, using the template merge fields for areas to be automatically completed by the system.

 These are available for you to use when you compose the body of your email. The logo that appears at the top of your Smart VLE page is the logo that has been saved as your company logo. The merge fields that are available for you to use will change depending on the email template that you are editing.

You can change the content of the disclaimer if desired.

Once you are happy with the content of the email template, choose one of the save options to save the new template. This will now be used by Smart VLE when sending out automatic emails for your site.

Please note all template are set as active by default except for the “Incomplete Assessments Reminder”, if you wish to activate this email, you can activate it by clicking the view button and clicking activate, you will then have to edit the template to set the amount of days that this email will be triggered at (defaults to 1 day).