There are two ways in which you can send a SmartVLE assessment to a participant, directly from SmartVLE or by creating an activity in Smart Assessor that is linked to a SmartVLE assessment. 

Resetting Assessments 

Once an assessment has been completed by the participant, you must send them a new version of the assessment either directly from SmartVLE or using the resubmit option in the Smart Assessor evidence library. 


New Participants 

If you are creating a new user as a participant, once you have selected “participant”, you will be given the option of assigning assessments to the new participant. 

A list of courses with existing assessments will appear, click on the arrow next to the course name to display the assessment titles for that course and click the box to select that assessment. You can choose as many assessments as you need to over a range of courses. 

When you save the new participant record, the assessments that you have selected will be made available to the new participant. 

Existing Users 

Once a user has been created, you can send them an assessment from Smart VLE using the “Assessments” tab. This will take you to the Assessment Management page, this page lists all the courses that have existing assessments against them. 

Click on the arrow next to the course name to display the assessment titles for that course and click the box to select that assessment. You can choose as many assessments as you need to over a range of courses. 

Once you have selected the assessments that you want to assign, select the “Send To Participant” button at the top of the page. 

The Send Assessment pop-up will appear, you can filter the list of users to find the user that you want to send the assessment to, you can also select more than one user of any type (Participant, SA Learner and Author) – including selecting all, you can also choose to send the assessment(s) to a user group. If you have applied a filter, select all will apply to that filtered list. 

Once you have selected the users that you want to send the assessment to, click one of the send options and the assessment(s) will be sent to the user(s) that you have selected. 

If you have chosen to send the assessment to a user group, you will receive a prompt letting you know how many users the assessment is being sent to. 

Once confirmed, you will see a message at the bottom of the pop-up confirming how many individual users and how many user groups the assessment emails are being sent to. 

If you send an assessment to an author, they can access the assessment by using the participant toggle in the top right-hand corner of the screen. 

If an author attempts to send a learner an initial asessment for a course to the same participant, they will receive a prompt message to ensure that they want to send more than one initial assessment in the same course to the learner

If an author wishes to continue an send the assessment to the participant, they can do so by clicking "Yes", if they want to cancel the operation by selecting "No"

Creating a SmartVLE Activity in Smart Assessor 

When logged into Smart Assessor as an assessor, create an activity in the normal way. 

This can be done from the activity library. 

or against a session in the learning plan. 

This will open the pop up for creating an activity. 

Choose the unit that you want the activity to be created against and give the activity a name. 

In the “activity type” drop-down, select online assessment. 

This will then give you two further drop-down menus for VLE course and VLE assessment. Select the Smart VLE course and assessment for the assessment you wish to add to the activity. 

Complete the additional fields as required and then click “submit”. 

The activity that you have created will now show up on the activity list for the qualification that you have created it against. 

Select the activity that you want to use, this can be added to a session, built into course builder or added against a Gateway. 

You can optionally add PC mappings to the activity and set a target date for when you want it to be completed before adding the activity to your session.

The activity will then sit under the session that you have created it against. 

The learner will automatically get a notification on their Smart Assessor dashboard that there is a Smart VLE assessment for them to take. 

Once the learner has completed the assessment, the status of the activity will change to green (completed) and the assessment result will be available in the evidence library for you to view. 

From the evidence library, you can map the evidence to tasks, add comments or ask the learner to resubmit the evidence through “edit evidence details”. 

You can also ask the learner to resubmit the assessment by clicking the green resubmit icon will allow you to automatically reassign the assessment to the learner. 

Any evidence that you have asked the learner to resubmit will be indicated by a red box around the resubmit icon. 

The learner will get sent a new version of the assessment, once they have completed this the results will appear against that piece of evidence with previous versions available so that you can track the history of that piece of evidence. 

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When you have accepted the assessment resuts as a peice of evience, the status of the activitiy will change to green (completed)

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