Smart Virtual Learning Environment (SmartVLE) is an online self-marking question and answer technology which can be used for any topic you design questions for.

SmartVLE can be accessed using any device. On smaller screens, some of the options are displayed on a burger menu.

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SmartVLE is pre-loaded with Functional Skills English, maths and ICT questions, assessments and resources as well as a VAK learning style questionnaire and core competencies assessments.

Initial assessments can be carried out with candidates prior to their enrolment and these results will be automatically brought into their Smart Assessor learner’s profile when they are created as a Smart Assessor learner and the records are merged.

Once your learner is on Smart Assessor, the results of their assessments can be stored in the evidence library.

You can also create your own courses or import the structure of a course from Smart Assessor and use these to build up your own assessments to support the development of your learners’ knowledge, skills and behaviours.

There are a range of reports available to support your delivery of these assessments.

We have created user guides to support you in using Smart VLE, please find a list of these user guides below:

  • User Management
  • How to Reset a User’s Password
  • Out of the Box Resources
  • Creating Courses
  • Creating Questions for an Assessment
  • Creating an Assessment
  • Sending an Assessment
  • Viewing Assessment Results
  • Resources
  • Reports.
  • SmartVLE Settings
  • Learning Style Assessments
  • Merging Participant Accounts

For Participants

  • Participant Guide
  • Using your Learning Profile
  • Forcing a Merge of your Accounts

If you have any more questions, please raise these via your Client Account Manager or raise a ticket via email: